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Wool Industry Research Consortium


Wool Industry Research Limited, a subsidiary company of Wool Research Organisation of NZ Inc, was formed to meet the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology criteria for a research consortium. This consortium will focus on investment in research which increases the value and competitiveness of commercial NZ wool based activity through cooperation, integration and sector development built on leading edge R&D.

In partnership with industry, the Consortium will develop a range of innovations for industry that are responsive to consumer trends, and will encourage their use by commercial companies and their marketing programmes. The ultimate benefits of increased export earnings flowing from this initiative will be realised throughout the wool and textile value chains, particularly for interior textiles. This Consortium will support the economic sustainability of the industry through:

  • developing a collaborative culture within the industry   
  • attracting industry involvement and investment in R&D
  • building demand through providing authenticated evidence of wool's natural benefits, and positive environmental and health performance
  • building value through new products and improved performance of wool products
  • capturing the created value for NZ through encouraging the commercial exploitation of the IP generated from its investment

Wool Industry Research Limited has the clear backing and guidance of the NZ wool industry - the proposed R&D programme draws directly from that industry input. It will fund both industry good science which will be available to all NZ wool based industries, as well as partner with individual or groups of companies to assist them to undertake research specific to their businesses and the opportunities around them.




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