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Wool Research exists to serve the interests of its members. Its membership spans the wool value chain and those who provide services along it. The members are represented at the board table by:

  • Three Directors appointed by Meat & Wool Trust
  • Two Directors elected by New Zealand Members
  • One Director nominated by the Royal Society

There are a number of classes of membership of the organisation, including New Zealand and Honorary Membership. The Wool Research Directors and the Directors of Meat & Wool NZ are the Ordinary Members of the organisation, and hold the voting rights accordingly. However, all directors must act in the best interests of Wool Research, and not the individual sectors that have appointed/elected them.

Wool Research has undertaken a review of its membership classes, and effective from at the Annual General meeting, held on 30th October 2008, a new class of membership has been agreed , that of “New Zealand Members”, which merges the previous Industrial and Carpet members. To be eligible for New Zealand membership, members must be actively involved in New Zealand in the post-harvest wool industry including, but not limited to, the wool textile manufacturing industry, the wool scouring industry or the carpet industry. All current New Zealand Industrial and Carpet members automatically become New Zealand Members.

The Board has reduced the number of Director from eight to six, with three directors, to be elected by Meat & Wool Trust, and two directors to be elected by New Zealand members, and one director nominated by the Royal Society. The new structure better reflects the evolving structure of the New Zealand wool industry and its stake in the organisation’s assets.

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