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Summery of Awards

Awards Made Since the Inception of the Programme

Scholar Research Topic Title Scholarship Year Awarded University
Mutita Klanchantra Improvement of Resin Finishes on Wool (Withdrew after 2 years for personal reasons) Post Graduate Scholar 2006 LU/AgR
Jagannath Arayl Mathematical Modelling of Wool Quality Factors in Marketing of the New Zealand Wool Clip Post Graduate Scholar 2006 LU
Henning Koehn Application of Biological Enzyme Systems for Elucidation of Wool Cuticle Composition Post Doctoral Fellow 2007 AgR
Hamish Murray Sustainability and the European wool industry (Completed) Masterate in Economics 2006 Cambridge
Grant McKenzie Gene Markers for wool trait consistency Post Doctoral Fellow 2007 LU
Anita Hancock Characterisation and Quantification of Protein Damage in New Zealand Carpet Wools Post Graduate Scholar 2007 LU/AgR
Nicola Kelland The relationship between pre and post processing of Merino wool staple length and strength. BAgSc Honours 2008 LU
Matthew Sunderland Non-insecticidal Mothproofing of Wool Post Graduate Scholar 2008 LU/AgR
Kerstin Burridge The use of gold nanoparticles as colourfast colourants on wool fibres Post Graduate Scholar 2008 VUW
Evelyn Teo  Wool Protein Crosslinking – Advanced proteomic approaches to the profiling and tracking of damage-induced protein-protein crosslinking. Post Graduate Scholar 2009   LU
Zhang Hu  Enhanced Performance of Carpet Wools Using ZnO /TiO2 Nanoparticles Post Doctoral Fellow 2009  AgR
Bettina Bley  Reverse Engineering the New Zealand Wool Value Chain: An Investigation of Design-Led Opportunities and New Technologies for Felt Production Innovation Post Graduate Scholar 2010   VUW
Hua Gong  Characterisation of genes associated with wool traits Post Graduate Scholar 2010  LU
Anita Grosvenor  Increasing the Performance of Wool: Carbonylation Mapping and Mitigation Post Doctoral Fellow 2010   AgR/LU
Lei Yao  The chemical basis for absorption of odour by wool fabrics Post Doctoral Fellow 2010   Otago
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