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Wool Research Portfolio

Wool Research has historically supported a variety of industry good "post farm gate" research activities. It continues to do so through its subsidiary company Wool Industry Research Limited, which was established as a consortium in partnership with the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, commencing business on commenced February 2011. A second consortium in partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. (MBIE) commenced 1 February 2016.

 Wool Research Consortium

In a move to increase the level of industry co-investment and involvement in R&D, and to ensure that research investment is market relevant and outcomes readily commercialised, the Wool Research Board and the NZ Government through the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology agreed to establish Wool Industry Research Ltd. Wool Industry Research Ltd is a research consortium which is an independently governed subsidiary of Wool Research which will establish priorities for, and manage up to $17,250,000 investment in post farm gate scientific research over the five year life of the consortium. The second consortium in partnership with MBIE is funded at $3M per year for seven years and has been established t find research into New Uses for Wool,

Click here for more information on the consortium, its research priorities, and information on how to apply for funding.

Research Projects

Details of specific "industry good" research projects completed in recent years are available to New Zealand wool users upon request. They are also available to Wool Research Industrial Members through their secure section accessed by clicking here.

Following is a link to a summary of research projects supported by Wool Research or the consortium
Summary of Projects Funded by Wool Research

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