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New Zealand Member Application Form

Application for membership

The Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand (Inc) is a society that funds and promotes post farm gate research and development for the New Zealand Wool industry.

Membership of the Wool Research Organisation New Zealand (Inc) is open to any person or organisation who are actively involved in New Zealand in the post-harvest wool industry including, but not limited to the wool textile manufacturing industry, the wool scouring industry or the carpet industry. Admission is by written application under rule 6.1 and is subject to approval by the Board of Wool Research.

As a "New Zealand Member" of Wool Research Organisation of NZ Inc, you are entitled under the Wool Research Rules to vote for two (2) New Zealand Member representatives on the Board, at the AGM.

The current elected representatives are:
Mr Tony Cunningham.
Mr Don Fraser .

You are also entitled to receive an annual report and attend the Annual General meeting of the organisation.

     Please contact the Board Secretary for  Membership Application  (see Contact Us )


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