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Welcome to Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand

Wool Research operating philosophy:

  • Wool Research will operate as an industry good organisation investing in projects that will meet the objectives as set out in the rules.
  • Projects will be allocated according to a predetermined strategy that the board will develop on an annual basis.
  • Projects will be funded on a contestable basis, and milestones must be reported prior to payment being made.
  • Market failure principles will determine likely funding for projects or not.
  • Wherever possible projects will be leveraged with other industry investment to ensure relevance.
  • International collaboration will be welcomed where there is a demonstrable return to the post harvest New Zealand wool industry.
  • Wool Research will at all times attempt to maintain relevant research capability.
  • Administration of Wool Research will wherever possible on a contracted basis with the overall objective of keeping governance and administration costs to less than 10 % of income received.
  • Wool Research will undertake to report regularly to members and industry stakeholders on investments and project results.


Note next AGM  to be held in Christchurch

Thursday 26th October 2017


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